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Phoenix Short Sales: A Solution for the Struggling Homeowner

Phoenix Short Sales: A Solution for the Struggling Homeowner

No one wants to get an envelope containing a letter with the word “Foreclosure” written inside. Unfortunately, this is a reality for thousands upon thousands of American families in this struggling economy. However, foreclosures do not often come as a surprise to homeowners—most people can anticipate the dreaded date based on their current financial situation.

But, foreclosure does not have to become your reality. Even though financial crises are at an all-time high, you can keep your head above water by applying for a Phoenix short sale. Short sales are the process of selling your home for less than you owe the lender and are a good way to avoid foreclosure. They can also save your credit score so that your buying power is not completely diminished after the sale. And the best part? With a Phoenix short sale, you can continue living payment-free in your home until the home sells and the application is processed. This can sometimes take up to four months, giving you plenty of time to pay off other outstanding debts and get back on your feet with a clean slate.

Phoenix short sale professionals understand.

Experienced short sale consultants understand the factors that lead up to these tough financial situations. In fact, they have dealt with so many unique cases that they have come to know the ins and outs of the real estate industry.

These Phoenix short sale consultants are there for you throughout every step of the process. From the first consultation, to filling out the paperwork, to a formal agreement between the seller, buyer, and lender, your consultant will not let you down. Through Phoenix short sales, everyone has a way of reaping the benefit.

There are an astounding 70,000 real estate agents in the local Phoenix market. While this number can seem overwhelming, rest assured knowing that less than 1% are actual short sale experts. These agencies have teams of professional standing by to answer your Phoenix short sale questions and aid you in the process toward financial freedom. It can be a heartbreaking reality to face to give up your own on short notice, but this path can lead to financial freedom without diminishing credit or buying power.

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