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Arizona Hard Money: A Fast Track to Living your Dream

Arizona Hard Money: A Fast Track to Living your Dream

When you’ve finally found the home of your dreams, the last thing you want is to have to wait several months to close the deal. However, if your bank will not approve you for a loan, you may be left with limited options for making your dream come true.
That’s where Arizona hard money comes in. Hard money loans are a quick, easy way to receive funding for your property or home purchase, or, even a fix-and-flip project. You can receive funding up to a whopping 80% of your home or property value. When deciding to act quickly on a short sale or foreclosure, Arizona hard money is a viable option. These money lenders will go where banks won’t because they see the immense value and potential of your purchase.
While interest rates can be fairly high for hard money loans, many are short-term (about 6-36 months) so they can be paid off quickly. When acting on a short sale or purchasing a foreclosed home, the money you save could definitely be the little bit higher interest rate you would pay for the loan.

Arizona Hard Money Eligibility.

The best part about applying for a hard money loan is that it is simple to qualify. You simply contact a hard money company or lender, show them your plans and ideas, and you can get your Arizona hard money in as little as 24 hours. Eligibility for Arizona hard money is not based on credit, income level, or employment. In fact, the main determination in eligibility has nothing to do with you at all! It is all about the property you are looking to purchase.
When the time is right, don’t let poor credit or harsh banks and lenders get in your way…consider looking into Arizona hard money options today. It just doesn’t get much easier than an Arizona hard money loan. The steps to obtaining Arizona hard money are easy:

Find your property, find an Arizonza hard money lender, develop a plan, and move into your new home tomorrow!



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