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Phoenix Arizona Hard Money Lender

Arizona Hard Money Lenders are there when your bank isn’t

Arizona Hard Money Lenders are there when your bank isn’t.

Are you tired of being turned down for a loan based on your credit, income, or assets? Sick of being judged because your finances aren’t where you would like them to be? All too often, banks make unfair denials for loans based on criteria that aren’t really reflective of your responsibility level. Maybe it’s time you considered an Arizona hard money lender.
Arizona hard money lenders are different than traditional bank lenders. In fact, they understand that denials of bank loans can keep you from reaching your dream of owning the perfect home. That’s why Arizona hard money lenders provide easy solutions and quick money to those looking for a loan to purchase or improve a home or property. Most hard loan companies and lenders focus on short sales, foreclosed homes, and fix-and-flip projects.

Arizona hard money lenders provide affordable payment plans.

Loan approval is not based on credit at all, but good credit can help you receive a lower interest rate for the loan. For the most part, Arizona hard money lenders will approve you for a loan regardless of your credit, job history, or current income. Still, if you have reasonably good credit, be sure to mention it to your Arizona hard money lender to see if you can receive a lower interest rate.
The main determining factor of interest rates on hard money loans is the length of the loan. Typical hard loans are short (compared to traditional mortgages) but can range anywhere from 6-36 months, depending on your needs. Basically, the shorter the loan, the lower the interest rate.
Hard money loans are also based on equity. Some Arizona hard money lenders will loan up to 80% of the property price, making your dream that much more affordable. Also, many loans can be processed, approved, and provided within 24 hours.
What are you waiting for? You could walk away with a perfectly suited hard loan to meet the needs of your home or property dreams in no time.

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