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What Matters (and what doesn’t) in Arizona Hard Money Loans

What Matters (and what doesn’t) in Arizona Hard Money Loans

First and foremost, what matters is that you need to be approved for a loan quickly and easily. That’s the good news. Fortunately for you, there is much more good news that comes when dealing with Arizona hard money loans. You need to do your research and find the right hard money lender for you. Obviously, you want to find one with low interest rates and a quick approval time, but that’s not all that matters in Arizona hard money loans.
It’s good to know that hard money loans are equity based and are usually approved for an amount somewhere between 60% and 85% of the value of the home property. This is a significant amount of the mortgage and can help you greatly if you cannot get approved by another lender. Arizona hard money loans are typically short-term, ranging from 6-36 months, so that’s important to know too.
It matters that you are professional and truly striving to make the payments of a hard money loan. Lenders are taking a significant risk in loaning the money to you because they are only basing their decision on the value of the home.You need to do all that you can to show them you value their business and are willing to hold up your end of the agreement.

What doesn’t matter in an Arizona hard money loan

There are other benefits for you in an Arizona hard money loan. If you have had trouble getting approved for a loan in the past, it could be due to your inability to pay or prove that you can handle the responsibility. However, if you have turned things around and are ready to take on another financial obligation, you can get approved for an Arizona hard money loan quite easily. Lenders do not check your pay stubs, tax information, or even your credit.
So basically, it is quite easy to get approved. If a lender can see that your home or project is worthy of investing in, they will approve you for a loan. Remember though that when you purchase your home, it is then used as collateral for the lender and can be used against you if you do not make your payments.

There are pros and cons in the hard money lending industry, as in any other industry involving money. You might find that interest rates are high, but that eligibility is easy. The approval time for an Arizona hard money loan is usually around 24 hours, so the money comes quickly. If you are looking for a way to fund your next home purchase or project, hard money lending could be right for you.

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