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Phoenix Short Sales can solve your mortgage problems.

Phoenix Short Sales can solve your mortgage problems.

With foreclosure rates reaching their high over the last ten years, and with the struggling US economy, many families are experiencing financial crises that they simply do not know how to get out of. Home foreclosure can be a devastating process that damages credit and diminishes future buying power. All homeowner know that a foreclosure is to be avoided at all costs. However, before debt threatens to destroy all that you have worked for, it may be time to consider applying for a Phoenix short sale.

A short sale is the process of selling your home for an amount less than you owe the lender. This can be a great way to salvage your credit, exit a mortgage gracefully, attain government homeowner assistance programs, and give you a few months to pay off other debts and start on a clean slate. Phoenix short sale agents are ready and willing to assist you with this process if it seems right for you.

Finding a Phoenix short sale agent

There are over 70,000 real estate agents in the Phoenix metropolitan area, but less than 1% specialize in Phoenix short sales. This narrows it down quite a bit, but you still have ALL of those agents to choose from. It’s best to do your research before deciding on an agent and it doesn’t hurt to ask around or read reviews to see what other people are saying about a particular agent. It is important that you trust your  Phoenix short sale agent, as they will be working with you from start to finish on the process. You need to make sure they are someone you feel comfortable sharing private information with and having open lines of communication.

Experienced Phoenix short sale agents understand the intricacies of the real estate market and are willing to help you understand them, too. They acknowledge the fact that banks are not in the business of real estate so short sales help them get homes off their hands, but they also don’t abuse this power. Believe it or not, there is a way in this situation to ensure that all parties benefit.

All decisions within a Phoenix short sale need to be agreed upon by the lender, the agent, and the homeowner. Keep lines of communication open and carry out the sale as efficiently and honestly as possible.

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Phoenix Short Sale
Phoenix Short Sale
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