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Finding a Suitable Arizona Hard Money Lender for You

Finding a Suitable Arizona Hard Money Lender for You

Finding an Arizona hard money lender can seem like a pretty big undertaking. If you find yourself anxious to buy a home quickly, and deep in financial hardship, it could be taking all your strength just to get your thoughts straight. However, it is time to take the time to find an Arizona hard money lender and get the ball rolling. Arizona hard money lenders are available and ready to help you purchase the home of your dreams.
First and foremost, you need to determine the kind of hard money you are seeking. Are you a commercial developer in need of hard money for a fix-and-flip type of project? Or are you an individual interested in a residential hard money loan? Decide which category suits you best before searching for a hard money lender.
Then, of course, you need to decide how much money you need. You probably already have your purchase in mind, so do the math. How much can you afford? How much do you need to borrow? Can you get approve for a traditional bank loan? What can you do to minimize costs? Remember that Arizona hard money lenders will loan you up to 80% LTV (loan to value), but this amount could also be as low as 65%. Usually, it is somewhere in between. Since the loans are equity-based, this will depend mostly on the value of the property.

Researching Arizona Hard Money Lenders

Start by doing some at-home research. Use a search engine such as Google or Bing and type in the words you are looking to find. For example, if you wanted to find a lender in your area, you may type “Arizona hard money lenders.” Click through some of the websites and see what the different lenders have to offer. Don’t jump in until you have seen what several hard money lenders can do for you.
Only go with what feels and looks right to you. Always do your research before allowing an Arizona hard money lender to deal with your money. Ask to meet with the lenders in person and trust your gut. If they offer you rates too good to be true, don’t be fooled! They will likely find a way to hike up the interest later on. Doing your research right the first time can save you a huge headache in the long run. These hard money lenders can loan you money and get you on your way to owning that perfect home in no time!

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