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Arizona hard money is not cheap

Things to know about Arizona hard money loans.

Arizona Hard Money Lenders generally allow Real Estate Investors to borrow a certain percentage of the purchase price and rehab costs (usually around 70%). Before you consider any particular lender in Arizona, be sure to be familiar with their terms and rates. Obviously you will need to contribute by paying the closing costs and the ability to service the debt monthly. Most of these loans are asset based loans, while there is a growing trend of Hard Money Lenders looking at your credit score. Many investors, including yourself possibly, may think why this is. The main reason is that lenders are discovering many loans that they have made over the last 2 years took longer to get paid off than the initial term they were issued for. So now lenders want to know if you can’t pay the loan off in this time period.

Arizona hard money is not cheap.

You might be familiar with the differences of soft money and hard money. Soft money is easier to obtain than hard money for several reasons. Hard money is typically private money and come from less traditional forms, whereas soft money is merely the opposite. With Arizona hard money, you are paying for the ability to get a loan based on the property itself. Arizona hard money lenders are making loans to people and on properties that bank would never consider lending money to! You are also paying for speed! If you have a property you need to close in 7, 10, 14 days – do you think your bank would meet those times for a conventional loan? You are paying for the availability of funds in a short time frame.
Remember to do some more research on Arizona hard money before you commit to them. They also have their advantages that can benefit you and fulfill your needs.

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