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Level 4 Funding of Phoenix, Arizona to Explain Hard Money Loans to the Public at a Free Seminar

hard money loan arizona
Hard Money Loan Arizona
Arizona Mortgage Loan Broker for Level 4 Funding in Phoenix, Arizona, Dennis Dahlberg, announced with excitement today that Level 4 Funding is going to be hosting informative seminars for the public on procuring a hard money loan in order to purchase property at public auctions for foreclosures.
As Dahlberg explains, foreclosures are tricky because when the public auction closes, money is due for purchased properties so quickly (anywhere from 24 hours to just a few days) that it really isn’t practical to even consider a traditional loan in this kind of situation. “A hard money loan is perfect when you purchase a property to flip,” says Dahlberg, “It is extremely convenient when you simply don’t have the time to apply for a traditional loan.”
Since ‘hard money’ isn’t the conventional way of obtaining a loan, Dahlberg wants to educate through his seminars about sourcing and use of a hard money loan. “It’s not like a traditional loan at all. There’s no hassle,” says Dahlberg. “You can get a hard money loan in mere hours since the loans are based on the value of the property and the borrower’s capability of paying the loan back.”
In order to give people a firm grasp on exactly what a hard money loan is and how it can help them, Level 4 Funding will hold seminars to educate the public for no cost. Join Level 4 Funding and Dennis Dahlberg to see what a hard money loan can do for you.
For more information on what Level 4 Funding can do for you and your real estate goals, go to http://www.level4funding.com/ or call 623-582-4444.
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