Level 4 Funding

Phoenix Arizona Hard Money Lender

Phoenix Real Estate Is Booming Again. Get Ready. Good Times Are Ahead.

Get Ready for the New Real Estate Boom In Arizona.

Builders are starting to move dirt and that is the beginning of the next boom.

With low inventory and too many buyers the Phoenix Real Estate Market is on the verge of a new boom in real estate values. ‘This boom is going to be different,’ according to Dennis Dahlberg, Level 4 Funding  Hard Money Lender .

‘The last boom was fueled on greed of the consumer; this time it’s going to be a supply problem. Over the past 6 years there was little construction or movement of dirt, leaving the Phoenix housing market starving for new homes. Additionally, home values are raising dramatically, and once the current home owners get above water (have equity) they are going to want to move up. We’re going to have a trifecta or the perfect storm-no homes, pent-up demand, and record low interest rates. And if you throw a little inflation on top of the mix — watch out! Bam! its going to be a wild ride — a wild west ride!’ http://youtu.be/ikWM0TnINAU

Dennis Dahlberg
Level 4 Funding LLC
23335 N 18th Drive
Phoenix Az 85383

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