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What kind of California Hard Money Loan Do You Want?

iStock_000002041548_MediumThere are two different kinds of California hard money that is available to you. Both are exceptionally similar, but they each have different benefits to the borrower. The two types of California hard money are Hard money lender California and private money lender. It is easy to get confused by the two, they are both practical kinds of loans, but the following will explain how they are different. 
It shouldn’t surprise you to find out that hard money lender California and private money lender California are both based on assets and have more to do with the real estate you want to invest in than with your credit score. These are both also loans that are not bank affiliated, so they are easier to obtain than your traditional bank loan.
However, hard money lender California and private money lender California do have some differences. For example, hard money lender California happens to be a group of people, while private money lender California is just one individual who gives out the loan. Typically, with a private money lender California, you know the person loaning you money, but that isn’t always the case with the group of investors in a hard money lender.
Both loans have quick turnaround despite their higher interest rate, but because of this quick turnaround, the interest rate makes little to no difference. The loans are also more flexible than your traditional bank loans, especially when you use a private money lender California.
Consider these types of loans as you decide on rehabbing a property. It could make all the difference to your project and stress you out far less in the interim. Consider the flexible and safe Arizona hard money loans. Whether you go private money lender California or hard money lender Califonia, you will be happy with the outcome.
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