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Monthly Archives: March, 2018

Invest 5 Minutes to Learn How Hard Money Loans Can Work for You

By understanding the process of hard money loans, you will see the benefits that they offer. Then you can use this financial tool to make money. Hard money loans are … Continue reading

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How to Benefit From Hard Money Loans

Though many borrowers are unfamiliar with the concept, hard money loans offer many benefits to certain borrowers. Understanding how these loans work can make them a great financial tool to … Continue reading

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How to Prepare Applications for Commercial Real Estate Loans

Not all lenders have precisely the same requirements for commercial real estate loans, but they are very similar. Understanding the documentation which will be required is the first step in … Continue reading

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Why Understanding the Basics Helps to Avoid Red Flags on Commercial Loans

Applying for commercial loans is normally a long process. It is important to avoid raising red flags to keep the process as stream lined as possible. Understanding the basics of … Continue reading

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Commercial Lenders

Before you go in search of your first commercial lender, you need to determine just which sector of this lucrative investment strategy you are going to invest in. Let’s look … Continue reading

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Commercial Real Estate Lenders

Shopping malls are turning into mixed-use developments and online shopping has increased the demand for distribution centers. Investors in this segment are looking for commercial real estate lenders that are … Continue reading

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Why small town businesses are finding it hard to get commercial loans

Lenders are withdrawing from less populated areas, and small businesses in rural areas are facing difficulty finding sources of commercial loans. Local banks have been consistently closing in rural areas. … Continue reading

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