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Why Hard Money Lenders Are So Helpful For Investors

There are many benefits to using hard money lenders when purchasing an investment property. Level 4 Funding shares reasons this type of loan can benefit you. While many beginner investors … Continue reading

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Why you shouldn’t just rely on appraisals when it comes to hard money

A traditional appraisal is usually the most crucial estimate of a properties value with a conventional mortgage. The situation can be more nuanced when it comes to hard money loans. … Continue reading

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Tactics to secure a larger hard money loan: help your lender look past the LTV

You may already know that a hard money loan is a loan which is backed by a “hard” asset. The amount of financing you receive is usually a set percentage … Continue reading

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Tactics to secure a larger hard money loan: estimate the ARV

A hard money loan (i.e.,an asset-based loan) is any loan secured by the value of an underlying asset. Most of these lenders will only give loans of up to 65 … Continue reading

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Alternative Business Loans Arizona Entrepreneurs Best Option

Exploring alternative business loans, Arizona start up and small business owners could be surprised by their options. There are many reasons that an alternative loan could be your best choice. … Continue reading

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The Difference in Hard Money Loans

Many people, before they delve into the world of real estate investments, think of hard money loans as those you obtain only if you have poor credit and are desperate. … Continue reading

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Why small town businesses are finding it hard to get commercial loans

Lenders are withdrawing from less populated areas, and small businesses in rural areas are facing difficulty finding sources of commercial loans. Local banks have been consistently closing in rural areas. … Continue reading

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