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How to Evaluate a Property for Hard Money Loans

Real estate property purchases will benefit by knowing some ways to evaluate a property to best obtain hard money loans. Level 4 Funding offers the following tips to best evaluate … Continue reading

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Benefits of Using Hard Money Lenders

Still in search for funding for your Real Estate Investment Project? There is a tremendous amount of capital available in today’s market and hard money lenders are funding their share. … Continue reading

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Learn How to Select Hard Money Lenders

For many borrowers working with hard money lenders is a new concept. Borrowers are not familiar with the process or how to select a good lender. Many borrowers are facing … Continue reading

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Commercial Lenders

Before you go in search of your first commercial lender, you need to determine just which sector of this lucrative investment strategy you are going to invest in. Let’s look … Continue reading

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Leasing vs. Flipping: Two tactics to use your commercial loan

Learn which strategy is right for you when it comes to using commercial loan proceeds. Leasing and flipping are two of the most common ways to invest in a piece … Continue reading

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What you should know when you using a commercial loan to flip commercial real estate

If you took out a commercial loan to flip a commercial property you need to know how to value commercial real estate and plan your project around the duration of … Continue reading

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Time to Talk to Your Arizona Mortgage Broker?

Traditional soft money loans are great. When you can get one. Banks are especially tight fisted Arizona Mortgage Broker, Arizona Home Loans right now when it comes to giving money … Continue reading

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