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Understanding Loan to Value Ratio for Hard Money Loans Arizona

Understanding the loan to value ratio for hard money loans Arizona is critical to knowing how much money you can request. Without knowing the LTV you have no idea what … Continue reading

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How to Evaluate a Property for Hard Money Loans

Real estate property purchases will benefit by knowing some ways to evaluate a property to best obtain hard money loans. Level 4 Funding offers the following tips to best evaluate … Continue reading

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Commercial Lenders

Before you go in search of your first commercial lender, you need to determine just which sector of this lucrative investment strategy you are going to invest in. Let’s look … Continue reading

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Commercial Real Estate Lenders

Shopping malls are turning into mixed-use developments and online shopping has increased the demand for distribution centers. Investors in this segment are looking for commercial real estate lenders that are … Continue reading

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Tactics to use a hard money loan for commercial real estate investment

A hard money loan ( or asset-based loan) can act as a bridge to traditional financing and can help you get your next project off the ground. This type of … Continue reading

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What you should know when you using a commercial loan to flip commercial real estate

If you took out a commercial loan to flip a commercial property you need to know how to value commercial real estate and plan your project around the duration of … Continue reading

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Why There are Mixed Signals for Commercial Loans in 2018

Many are optimistic for 2018 to be a great year when it comes to commercial loans, but others are also preparing for some bad financial scenarios to hit this year. … Continue reading

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