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Which type of Hard money loan is right for you?

The “hard “asset being financed secures a typical hard money loan. But there are different types of asset-based loans, so how can you figure out which one is right for … Continue reading

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Can you make money by investing in hard money loans?

Consider using a deed of trust investment. A deed of trust investment allows you to earn steady returns and interest payments on the loans distributed by hard money lenders. Deeds … Continue reading

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Tips for a Faster Closing on Commercial Loans

Time can be a critical factor in some commercial property purchases. But even when time is not a factor the purchase, your time is valuable and you want to close … Continue reading

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Tips for Selecting Commercial Lenders

Selecting commercial lenders to work with is a critical step a successful real estate transaction. Thinking of potential lenders as business partners or service providers is the first step in … Continue reading

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Key Differences between Commercial Loans and Residential Loans

Knowing the differences between commercial loans and residential loans will help you to understand the lengthy process when applying for a commercial loan. Most consumers think that the process to … Continue reading

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Process for Obtaining Commercial Loans

There is really no shortcut when you are seeking commercial loans. But following a tried and true process can help to expedite the response to your application. Most borrowers fail … Continue reading

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How to Raise Your Business Credit Score for Commercial Loans

Your business credit score will play a role in approval for commercial loans. If your business is just starting out, you might not have an impressive credit score, but there … Continue reading

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