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Understanding Loan to Value Ratio for Hard Money Loans Arizona

Understanding the loan to value ratio for hard money loans Arizona is critical to knowing how much money you can request. Without knowing the LTV you have no idea what … Continue reading

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How to Understand Repayment Terms for Business Loans Arizona

When trying to obtain business loans Arizona and decipher the sometimes complicated jargon in the agreement, it’s critical to know what is of expected of you in terms of paying … Continue reading

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Important Considerations when Choosing a Hard Money Lender

Hard money lenders are many real estate investors choice for funding, yet many just getting into the field know little to nothing about this lending option. Let’s take a look … Continue reading

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When is the right time to cut your losses in the real estate business?

The real estate industry can be extremely tumultuous under normal conditions. If you are doing it correctly, you will run into a few extra problems that come with investing. What … Continue reading

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Tactics to use a hard money loan for commercial real estate investment

A hard money loan ( or asset-based loan) can act as a bridge to traditional financing and can help you get your next project off the ground. This type of … Continue reading

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How to Find Hard Money Lenders

There are various reasons that people turn to hard money lenders, but knowing the benefits is only half of the challenge. Now, you have to find the one that is … Continue reading

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Process for Obtaining Commercial Loans

There is really no shortcut when you are seeking commercial loans. But following a tried and true process can help to expedite the response to your application. Most borrowers fail … Continue reading

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