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When is the right time to cut your losses in the real estate business?

The real estate industry can be extremely tumultuous under normal conditions. If you are doing it correctly, you will run into a few extra problems that come with investing. What … Continue reading

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How to Obtain a Commercial Loan Despite Bad Credit

While commercial lending rates are up, there are still many individuals and businesses that are finding it difficult to obtain the commercial loan they need. Fortunately, there are lenders that … Continue reading

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How to Find your Next Big (and Cheap) Project and Commercial Loan

One of the many ways real estate investors make money is by finding properties that are below market value. Let’s take a look at the many avenues savvy investors look … Continue reading

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How to Qualify for Commercial Real Estate Loans

Understand that commercial real estate loans are nothing like residential loans, which means that the qualifications are drastically different as well. Understanding the qualifications before you apply for a loan … Continue reading

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What you should know when you using a commercial loan to flip commercial real estate

If you took out a commercial loan to flip a commercial property you need to know how to value commercial real estate and plan your project around the duration of … Continue reading

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Finding A Commercial Mortgage: Who Provides Them?

Lending and borrowing, like the market in general, fluctuate on an almost daily basis. However, like in all markets, there are trends to this ebb and flow that will help … Continue reading

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Beware Of These Commercial Mortgage Pitfalls

Seeking out and obtaining a commercial mortgage is a time consuming and tricky process that requires you to be incredibly prepared and pay a lot of attention to detail. So, … Continue reading

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