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No Cash Down: Buy Property Using 100% LTV Arizona Hard Money Lenders

100% LTV Arizona Hard Money Lenders are here to help you get funded without putting any cash down! “No money, no honey.” If you’ve dealt with financing in the past, … Continue reading

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Can You Work with Hard money lenders in Arizona as a First-Time Investor?

One of the biggest questions first-time investors ask is whether they can get approval from hard money lenders in Arizona or not. The truth is, you can get funding, but … Continue reading

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Spec Home Financing: Tactics to Increase Eligibility

The continued recovery of the real-estate market may have you pondering the construction of a spec home. When it comes spec home financing learn some of the basics of how … Continue reading

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100 LTV Hard Money Lenders: Things to Consider.

Do 100 LTV Hard Money Lenders offer no money down financing to real-estate investors? The answer is yes, but, only for a certain type of borrower. Say you want to … Continue reading

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Try These 5 Tips to Find the Perfect Private Money Lenders in Arizona

Private investors can begin to help you achieve your financial goals and get started with real estate investments. Know how to find the perfect lender for your situation with the … Continue reading

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Private vs. Hard money lenders: The Differences

You may wish to finance your next investment property, but find yourself a bit confused about the differences between private and Phoenix hard money lenders. This article will attempt to … Continue reading

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Phoenix Fix and Flip Loans: How to Make Money in Apartments

When it comes to fix and flip loans and apartments you need to have a strategy to pay off the loan as soon as possible. The following article will tell … Continue reading

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