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What is Hard Money?

Are you having trouble securing a loan? You may want to consider a hard money lender. Hard money loans are often provided by individuals or a group of investors that … Continue reading

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Top Situations where a hard money loan is best

A hard money loan is any loan secured by a “hard” asset (i.e., An Asset-based loan). This type of loan can be your best option especially if you need financing … Continue reading

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Commercial Real Estate Loan Rates

Do you have an office building, a rehab, or a multi-unit apartment building? With commercial real estate loan rates at one of their lowest, now may be the right time … Continue reading

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Just What the Doctor Ordered: Buy One Property Annually to Retire Comfortably

Could adding one property per year to your rental property portfolio help you retire comfortably? For Dr. Dat Tran, this strategy is just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Tran is … Continue reading

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Think Outside the Bank For Private Lending

  Think Outside the Bank For Private Lending At Level 4 Funding, you get flexibility and speed, not red tape and committees. Bottom line: if your strategy is sound and … Continue reading

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Top 6 Reasons to Purchase and Invest in Apartment Buildings

  When people hear about the millions and billions of dollars investors make buying and selling properties, most of them think about duplexes and homes. A good number of people … Continue reading

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What is hard money? Benefits of a Hard Money Loan.

What kind of Arizona Hard Money do I want? There are two different kinds of Arizona hard money that is available to you. Both are exceptionally similar, but they each … Continue reading

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